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Auroville Marathon 2015 race results have been published. The runners may print their timing certificate.
NB. The Bib number entries that have no timings (shown as Finisher only) are due to one of the following possible conditions:
a) The runner did not complete the race.
b) The bib number was not clearly visible to the time keepers.
     This may be due to wrongly displayed bib or the bib in hand or pocket of the runner etc.


What's New This Year!

     Auroville Marathon, February 8, 2015

Running a marathon is an extreme sport. Extreme self-motivation ensues on a successful completion of the run. But, this also requires long and rigorous disciplined training, effort and focus.

Those runners wishing to participate in the event are advised to start preparing for the event now. Here with are shared the training schedule for the coming marathon and the strengthening exercises that are highly recommended for an injury free run.

Goal of the Auroville marathon is to offer a platform for those who wish to develop in themselves grit, tenacity, plasticity and become runners for the rest of their lives. The run is offered to all in the spirit of the joy of running. The journey to that discovery is arduous, but very rewarding. Let's go hit the trails!

AV Marathon Team