All registered runners must collect their BIBs for the race. Registered runners with their respective BIBs only, would be permitted to participate in the Auroville Marathon for the safety and coordination of all the runners at the event.

BIB collection is open on the registration (pre-race) day only i.e Saturday, February 09th, 2019 between 10am and 7pm at Bharat Nivas. You have to collect your bib on that day only. Please bring a valid photo identification proof with your bib number confirmed to you in this email to collect your bib. Please note that there is no BIB distribution on the race day. If you cannot be there on the registration day to pick up your bib, you may request your friends to collect your bib on your behalf. Your friend will need to bring a copy of your valid photo identification proof (self attested by you) and a copy of this email or your bib number from this email for confirmation and handing over the bib on your behalf.


Details of bus timings and stop/pickup points in Pondicherry on the Registration Day and the Race are put up on the Auroville Marathon website. Please do use the bus service setup for your convenience and hassle free
transport to the venue and back to your hotel.

The running route map is put up on the Auroville Marathon website. The start and stop venue is the Auroville Visitor Center. The race day start times are as follows:

Full Marathon: 5.00 am
Half Marathon: 6.15 am
10K Marathon: 7.15 am

We will provide a small torch for runners registered for the Full marathon. You may bring your own torch or a head lamp if you wish. The trail run is difficult to navigate in the dark. Use of a light is a must for personal and others’ safety on the trails. Please do watch out and help each other.
As Half and 10K runners join the trails, everyone is requested to provide ample space for other runners on the trails. Some trail locations are narrow. We have an aid station approximately every 3 km. Please hydrate well and use the aid stations to refresh and replenish. There are directional markers along the route for all categories of run types. Please watch for the proper trail markings during the run and follow these. A special note to those wearing headphones during the runs. Please be mindful of other runners on the trails around you.

We will close the run at 11:30am and pick up the runners still on the trails who have not finished . It gets hot after 11.30am and supporting tired runners after that length of run is not advised to our team by medical professionals.

Have a joyful and a safe run at Auroville.
Auroville Marathon Organizing Team